About TNT Property Maintenance

TNT Property Maintenance is a business founded in 1988 by Wayne Scott, a life long resident of Schomberg, ON. His enjoyment of the outdoors and dedication to customer service lead him to start his business which has now been in operation for over 30 years!

Over those years, TNT Maintenance has been proud to maintain great longterm relationships with clients in providing them with top-notch property and estate services to help them in keeping their spaces beautiful and well maintained.

His business is well equipped with hand and power tools that are ready to take on the jobs that you need done, including yard care, tree services, log splitting, chipping, hedge and tree grooming and pruning, weeding and fertilizing.

In addition, his John Deere tractor is equipped with a loader and backhoe that is capable of digging holes for a variety of applications including tree planting. Small to medium-sized areas can also be excavated.

Although based in Schomberg, TNT Property Maintenance is able to provide services throughout the surrounding area including Caledon, King, Vaughan, Bolton, Orangeville, Newmarket, Nobleton, and everywhere in between.

There's no secret to staying in business for over 30 years: Dedication to customer service, skills, knowledge, and well-maintained equipment.

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(416) 258-3846


Wayne Scott - Owner/Proprietor
7485 King Road
Schomberg, ON
L0G 1T0

(416) 258-3846


  • Schomberg
  • Nobleton
  • King City
  • Bolton
  • Orangeville
  • Newmarket
  • Caledon
  • Yard & Estate Maintenance
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree, Shrub, & Hedge Trimming
  • Firewood Services
  • Wood Chipping
  • Stump & Root Removal
  • Excavation/Hole Digging With Mini-Backhoe and Loader

Cut It, Clear It, Chip It, Stump It. Dependable. Reliable. Since 1988